Reasons why taxation on payroll should

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Why Do You Have To Pay Taxes?

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Why You Should Use QuickBooks

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3 Reasons to Consider Shadow Payroll for your Expatriates

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Why should I keep records?

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As you pay your loan back through payroll deductions, it is important to know this is after-tax money. For every dollar you borrow, you have to earn that dollar plus your effective tax rate, in order to satisfy the loan payment. I could go on with more reasons why you should do payroll yourself or elaborate on why you need to outsource payroll to someone.

but I won’t say anymore today. Ask me a question if you’d like to hear more, and don’t forget to follow my company to learn more.

Accounting’s Importance to Business. So why do we need accounting? Asking that question of an accountant is like asking a farmer why we need rain. Auditing and income taxation, when used correctly, force business to account for all business income, transactions, and transfers, and then to pay their fair share of the tax burden.

The. Payroll should report to Fin/Acctg. Also the Finance area tends to be more across all the taxation issues and can therefor better manage the GL implications of payroll transactions for correct accounting, taxation and reporting purposes.

I am now satisfied thinking. describe why governments need revenue to provide goods and services. identify taxes as an important source of governmental revenue.

explain how taxes transfer the use of resources from the private sector to the government. In short, there are a variety of reasons why companies should outsource their payroll processing. Doing so will help free up cash, time and resources that could be used for more critical work that could help in translation of primary business goals.

Reasons why taxation on payroll should
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Reasons why you should use QuickBooks for your business accounting by Lester Bahr CPA