Cs219 coursework assignment

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CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition

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Students will do homework assignments and a term project. The term project can be either an application to a real computational science problem, an algorithms implementation experiment, or a theoretical or survey paper.

Approximate course outline: The basics: Graphs and matrices Data structures for sparse matrix manipulation. Course outline for fall term: Topics covered in the tall will include density operators, quantum operations, quantum entanglement, quantum circuits, and quantum algorithms.

Lecture 1 (Oct 1): Introduction (JP Chapter 1). See also: Quantum computing and the entanglement frontier, and Quantum computing in the NISQ era and beyond. See the Assignment Page for more details on how to hand in your assignments.

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CS Assignment 1 — Basic Java and Object-Oriented Programming, Summer Due Friday June 27,PM 0 Introduction Goals This assignment will help you refresh your knowledge of Java and/or learn Java’s syntax.

Cs219 coursework assignment
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