Consumer behaviour towards vishal mega mart

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This is satisfying that majority of the beginning visit Vishal because the pricing is vital. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Consumer Behaviour Towards Vishal Mega Mart A Project report ON VISHAL MEGA MART AT KANPUR SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY MUNISH PARAMAR SUMIT KUMAR YADAV IAER’S PUNE INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMNET (APROVED BY AICTE MINISTRY OF HRD, INDIA) PUNE Declaration I.

This paper examine the key consumer behaviour attribute and relation among them in E- Research on the effect of consumer behaviour towards e-marketing is a descriptive research. Here population (City Pulse, Vishal Mega Mart, Inox), cyber cafes including Reliance Web World, Sify internet cafe.

Since scale used in the questionnaire was. Research Project on Vishal Mega Mart of Marketing Management References EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The project is about Customer Satisfaction & Consumer Behaviour towards Vishal Mega Mart, Sonepat, Haryana.


Retail industry is booming all around the globe at a very fast pace. Vishal Retail is a known and strong. Objectives of the study This paper is the study of various aspects of behavior of consumer towards Vishal Mega Mart and also focus on the existing marketing strategy and system of Vishal Mega Mart.

A questionnaire has been drafted, to try and understand the perceptions of Vishal Mega Mart consumers and to find out their expectations from the.

consumer behaviour towards the retail outlets in india. retail outlets like bigbazzar,D mart,vishal mega mart,cyber city.

Consumer behaviour towards vishal mega mart
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