Afrocentric vs eurocentric worldviews

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The kink factor is described as the AFRICAN‐AMERICAN SEMINAL RESEARCH 27 cultural space/ dimensions between a Eurocentric worldview and an Afrocentric worldview in relation to hair and body politics (Spellers, ). This blog is longer than usual and more complicated than usual. The topic seems more complicated than usual.

The main points are at the end rather than the beginning. I hope you will read it all. While African Americans have been forced to repress or adapt these Afrocentric worldviews in the face of different institutional arrangements of White domination, the continuation of an Afrocentric worldview has been fundamental to African Americans' resistance to racial oppression (Wieder, ).


modernity encapsulated by a secular worldview. This includes freedom of individuals in making their own histories, both as. Epistemologically, the Afrocentric perspective places considerable emphasis on an affective way of obtaining and demonstrating knowledge (Akbar, ; Asante, ; Schiele, ).

Constructing and acquiring knowledge through emotions or feelings is considered .

Afrocentric vs eurocentric worldviews
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